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HaridwarLandscape,South Asian,Travel
Mumbai MarketPeople,South Asian,Street,Travel
Vendor holding a basket of goods above his head in Crawford Market, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Travel street photography.
WeavePeople,South Asian,Travel
Black and white portrait of Sikh Indian man with long beard weaving a quilt.
Goat a Problem?For Sale,Landscape,South Asian,Travel
Goat standing on a rooftop at the Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, India.
CraftyPeople,South Asian,Travel
Old man weaving a quilt at Rangla Punjab, Jalandhar, India.
LinesSouth Asian,Travel
Young man weaving a quilt at Rangla Punjab, Jalandhar, India.
PleaPeople,South Asian,Street,Travel
Elder homeless man folding his hands, asking for support.
PuffPeople,South Asian,Street,Travel
Man posing with his cigarette near Crawford Market, Mumbai, India. Black and white travel street photography.
Qutb MinarArchitecture,South Asian,Travel
Vertical shot of the Qutb Minar in New Delhi, India. Travel architecture and historical photography.
Jama MasjidArchitecture,For Sale,Landscape,South Asian,Travel
Perspective of the Jama Masjid, a grand mosque in Old Delhi, India. The minars and rounded tops look like the Badhsahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan.
Laughing in the FallFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl laughing while leaves fall on her.
Spinning AroundFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl in red skirt spinning amongst tall trees in a forest covered with red mulch.
Take a PhotoFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl holding picture frame in forest.
Professional HeadshotsFamily, Couple, & Solo
Professional headshot of girl.
Jonny ChapmanFamily, Couple, & Solo
Solo artist in black and white.
Graduation HeadshotsFamily, Couple, & Solo
Portrait of girl in graduation outfit and flowers.
Details and BokehFamily, Couple, & Solo,South Asian
Portrait session focused on girl's eyelashes with lehnga details in bokeh.
In the WoodsFamily, Couple, & Solo,South Asian
Girl wearing lehnga in woods.
Rainy Engagement ShootFamily, Couple, & Solo
Couple enjoying themselves in the rain during their engagement session.
Into the WoodsFamily, Couple, & Solo,People,Travel
Girl walking into the woods in Elora Conservation Area, Ontario.
Silhouette ShikhaFamily, Couple, & Solo
Silhouette of a girl wearing Indian clothing and jewelry. Lehnga.
Eyes on the EdgeFamily, Couple, & Solo
Eyes behind the edge of a lead. Indian girl in lehnga.
Muqu Javad, Massan PhotographyFamily, Couple, & Solo
Massan Photography sitting in a coffee shop.
Toddler TwinsFamily, Couple, & Solo
Toddler twins facing each other through a window-door.
Aashiqui 2Family, Couple, & Solo
Engagement shoot in Bollywood style in the rain.
Splashing aroundFamily, Couple, & Solo
Couple playing with the water in a small creek.
Through the TreesFamily, Couple, & Solo,South Asian
Black and white solo photo shoot session in Indian lehnga outfit.
Big SisterFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl in red dress with matching red umbrella in sunlight.
Loving you is loving meFamily, Couple, & Solo
Couple playing guitar in a corn field.
Together We’re PerfectFamily, Couple, & Solo
Engagement shoot and couple photography session.
Emilia Zibaei PortraitFamily, Couple, & Solo
Portrait of girl in antique toned light.
SistersFamily, Couple, & Solo
Toddler family photography session with two sisters in their flower dresses.
Peek-a-BooFamily, Couple, & Solo
Infant black and white toddler photography
Where Should I Go?Family, Couple, & Solo
Long exposure of girl standing in front of graffiti wall looking up and side to side.
Twins and MomFamily, Couple, & Solo
Infant photography with twins and mother
You Make Me SmileFamily, Couple, & Solo
Engagement photography with girl on boy's back, smiling and happy.
Model ToddlerFamily, Couple, & Solo
Black and white toddler photography.
Crashing WaveFamily, Couple, & Solo,People,Travel
Malibu surroundings, girl looking over the water with wave crashing
Peruvian GirlFamily, Couple, & Solo
Portrait of a girl looking down
NicoleFamily, Couple, & Solo
Young girl smiling into the camera, closeup.
LaughterFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl laughing, wearing black coat and red scarf.
Baby #1Events,Family, Couple, & Solo
Baby onesie over pregnant mother's belly and father's hands holding it up.
Out in the ColdFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl standing in white dress in the snow, full Canadian winter.
Against the TreeFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl leaning against a tree and looking over her shoulder at camera. Blue dress.
Eyes like a LeafFamily, Couple, & Solo
Looking at a girl's eye through the branches and flowers of a tree. Black and white.
Rainy City StarsArchitecture,Family, Couple, & Solo,People,Travel
Girl holding umbrella. Silhouette in Stanley Park, overlooking Vancouver skyline.
Over Her ShoulderFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl in blue dress and sunglasses looking over her shoulder and holding her hair up.
Love at SunsetFamily, Couple, & Solo,People,Travel
Long exposure of a couple in the waves at sunset in Cuba.
In Her EyesFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl in ominous forest theme and teal dress.
What goes on in those eyes?Family, Couple, & Solo
Closeup of toddler eye.
Pure Joy!Family, Couple, & Solo
Girl holding balloons jumping with joy in an outdoor vine-covered gazebo.
Pind Style PhotoshootFamily, Couple, & Solo,South Asian
Punjabi dressed couple jumping in bhangra dance.
Who Are You?Family, Couple, & Solo
Girl staring ominously into the camera with bright hazel eyes.
Pondering in the SunFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl in green skirt and white shirt picking flowers in sunlight.
TroublemakerFamily, Couple, & Solo
Little boy giggling.
Polaroid HappinessFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl standing on train tracks holding Polaroid camera with balloons.
Ice PrincessFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl behind icy branches with hazel eyes.
GenerationsFamily, Couple, & Solo
Grandfather and grandson smiling in antique light.
Solo Shoot Melisa VongFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl holding wooden railing dressed in hat and sunglasses.
NewlywedsFamily, Couple, & Solo,South Asian,Wedding
Happy South Asian bride and groom with groom's hand on bride's shoulder.
Fall PhotoshootFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl sitting in tree in the forest.
CutieEvents,Family, Couple, & Solo
Cute boy holding up a gulab jamun, South Asian dessert.
Family Shoot in Rockway GardensFamily, Couple, & Solo
Family photo shoot in the sun under a stone arch.
Excited GroomEvents,South Asian
Excited Groom in blue and gold sherwani.
Jaago HappinessSouth Asian
South Asian girl dancing in Jaago ceremony.
Toddler Photography TrainingFamily, Couple, & Solo
Antique light on a toddler girl with Canon camera in hand.
Nikkah and Ring CeremonyEvents,South Asian,Wedding
Bride/Groom ring ceremony and Nikkah, hand in hand
Into the WoodsFamily, Couple, & Solo
Girl walking into a forest in Elora, Ontario.
Sister-in-LawsEvents,South Asian
Groom with his new sisters, happy and fun
Yellow MustangSouth Asian,Wedding
Indian couple with yellow Ford Mustang.
Love PassionatelyFamily, Couple, & Solo
Two lovers kissing in the snow in Blair Mill, Cambridge, Ontario.